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Viral Image of Donated Japanese Train Surrounded by Garbage Sparks Cleanup Efforts in Bangkok

A viral image of a donated Japanese KIHA 183 train in Thailand surrounded by piles of garbage has caught global attention. The picture was...

Bangkok’s Landscape Transformed: 1,454 Km of Electrical Wires to Go Underground

Bangkok, Thailand - In a bold move set to revolutionize the city's infrastructure, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) has revealed a groundbreaking plan to...

Bangkok City Hall Celebrates Multicultural Roots with “Look Up BKK” Festival

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is collaborating with the Ministry of Culture to host the "Look Up BKK" cultural festival, showcasing the city's rich...

Bangkok News
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BEM Investigates Water Intrusion in MRT Train

On May 21, 2024, water was discovered flowing into the Chalermrachmongkol MRT line as a train left Bang Sue Station heading to Tao Poon...

Bangkok Enhances Road Drainage System for Rainy Season

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt has announced the completion of a new road drainage system in the Udomsuk area, designed to enhance the city's ability...

National & World News

Thailand’s Export Competitiveness Declines Amid Global Trade Rebound

Thailand's struggle to capitalize on the improving global trade scenario, particularly in crucial export sectors like automobiles, is impeding its competitiveness, as highlighted by...

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Chef Chit Chat – Coming Soon

Dear esteemed readers, We are thrilled to unveil a tantalizing addition to our publication - Chef Chit Chat! Prepare to indulge your culinary senses as...


Thai State Banks Lower Lending Rates to Aid Borrowers

In response to the Thai Bankers Association's recent announcement regarding a reduction in the minimum retail rate (MRR) for creditworthy clients, six state banks...


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Economic Data Alters Rate Cut Forecasts in Thailand

Amid recent economic indicators signaling robust GDP growth in Thailand's first quarter, research firms are revising their predictions on the Bank of Thailand (BOT)'s...

Thai AirAsia X Predicts Profitable Year with Japan Routes

Thai AirAsia X anticipates a profitable year, buoyed by nearly 1 million passengers in 2024, largely driven by its robust Japan routes. This projection...

Thai PM Outlines Economic Strategy at Party Event

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has outlined the Thai government's strategy to transform Thailand into a high-income economy, focusing on attracting foreign investment and implementing...

Arts & Culture

Anantara Resorts Featured in Netflix’s ‘Mother of the Bride’

The operator of the award-winning Anantara Resorts, is sending an invitation to travellers from around the world to โ€œholiday like the cast of Netflix...

Thailand Promotes Itself as Prime Film Location to Boost Economy

The Tourism and Sports Ministry, in collaboration with the Culture Ministry, aims to generate 7.5 billion baht this year by positioning Thailand as a...

Thailand to Host Summer Sonic and Tomorrowland Festivals

Bangkok, in a major stride to invigorate its tourism sector and economy, has declared itself the upcoming host for two illustrious music festivals, Summer...

Drive & Ride

Chinese EVs Shine at Bangkok International Motor Show

At the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show, Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers made a significant impact with their innovative designs, quality, and competitive pricing....

Bangkok International Motor Show Highlights Electric Vehicle Innovation

Electric vehicles, particularly those from leading Chinese brands, are taking center stage at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS), attracting car enthusiasts with...


Thailand Targets 39 Million Tourists in 2024

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is aiming to boost tourism revenue to 3.5 trillion baht in 2024 by attracting 39 million international tourists....

SRT Royal Blossom Trains to Offer Affordable Day Trips by Mid-2024

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) has successfully completed testing on the first batch of five SRT Royal Blossom train cars, according to the...

Koh Samui’s Growing Cruise Tourism Boosts Local Economy

Recently, Dr. Kampanat Klinsaowakon, Koh Samui District Chief, disclosed the burgeoning cruise tourism market's impact on the island. Over the November 2023 to March...


Thai Education Minister Explores North Korea’s Disciplinary Methods for Student Development

Education Minister Permpoon Chidchob continues to face backlash more than three weeks after publicly expressing admiration for North Korea's education system. The controversial remarks...

Thai PM Srettha Thavisin Vows Zero Dropout, Targets Education Inequality

In a resolute declaration, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has underscored his government's unwavering commitment to address Thailand's education inequality crisis. The premier, who assumed...

Thailand Ranks 8th Globally in English Proficiency, Says EF Index

In the latest edition of the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) for 2023, Thailand finds itself in the 8th position within the ASEAN...


Calls for Increase in Foreign Condo Ownership Quotas

Amidst growing demand from foreign buyers, calls for an increase in foreign ownership quotas for condominiums have surfaced, particularly in key tourist destinations like...

Sena Launches Rent-to-Own Scheme for Bangkok Condos

Sena Development, a leading property developer listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), has announced the launch of a novel rent-to-own program targeted...

Greater Bangkok Housing Market Remains Tepid in Q1

Despite a notable surge of 30% in visitor numbers at the recent House & Condo Show, held last month, the residential property market in...