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BMA Q Application adds “BMA Smart Service” for booking household work services

BMA Q, an Android and an IOS phone application to book queues for services at Bangkok district offices, has added a new function “BMA Smart Service” to reserve a queue for tree cutting, sewage dumping, and mosquito killing, to add more convenience to people in Bangkok.

BMA Q helps reduce the waiting time at the office as it decreases the congestion of people. People can receive service within 15 minutes with the prior reservation on the app. The app serves many types of service reservations such as the registration of births, deaths, residences, and general matters, as well as the issuance of national identification cards with 30 quotas on the app and 30 quotas for walk-ins. After a user has reserved a queue, they go to a district office to finish the process from Monday to Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM. In case of reporting births or deaths, a user can also go to the office from Saturday to Sunday or on national holidays, 8 AM – 4 PM.  Users can also check real-time how many queues are ahead of them, and how much longer they need to wait to receive the service. 

In addition to BMA Q, Bangkok residents, ex-pats and other foreigners can enjoy other phone applications that facilitate urban lifestyle. ViaBus, meaning ‘transporting via bus’, is a real-time application sponsored by CU INNOVATION HUB and Bangkok Mass Transit Authority for both Android and IOS users that shows operation schedules and commuting details for buses, red trucks, sky trains, minibusses, and boats. SRT Timetable Application developed by State Railway of Thailand is for checking train schedules and ticket prices; however, you can not reserve a ticket on the app. Moovit is another useful application that includes sky trains, railways, buses, boats and bicycles. The app can notify when you are soon to get off and when there is an emergency, delay, congestion, construction site, etc. Now Connect is another application designed for the people in Bangkok to receive news, updates, and benefits.

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