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Sansiri opens alt.Eatery plant-based food chain with large partnerships

On May 21, 2022, Bangkok’s first plant-based food chain project successfully opened under the brand name “alt.Eatery” in association with “NRPT”.

The highlight is that it is the first plant-based food chain with a “futuristic lifestyle” in Bangkok. It is located in the Land Bank Prime Area of “Sansiri”.

NRPT-Nutra Regenerative Protein Co, Ltd. is a joint venture between Inobic (Asia) Co, Ltd. or Inobic and Nove Foods Co, Ltd, a manufacturer and leader in food innovation in Thailand.

“Buranin Rattanasombat,” executive vice president innovation and new business, PTT Public Company Limited and chairman of the board of Innobic (Asia), said NRPT is determined to be a leader in the development and promotion of plant-based protein foods with the intention of making alt.Eatery the first food hub of the future in Thailand. They want to emphasize the intention in corporate life sciences or Innobic life sciences (Asia) by applying research and technology to improve Thai agricultural products as the raw materials for the food industry of the future.

They want to increase opportunities and distribution channels for small entrepreneurs to enter the growing healthy food sector that will tend to expand in the future.

Another partner, “Dan Pathomvanich” , CEO of NRF-NR Instant Produce Public Company Limited and President of Nove Foods, said Nove Foods focuses on developing plant-based protein products. In addition to considering consumer taste, the company is also taking into account the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon emissions from food companies now account for one-third of global emissions. And research has shown that plant-based food production methods can help reduce global warming from agriculture by up to 30 percent.

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