Exercising at Fitness First Thonglor T-ONE Building encourages you to stay healthy with the new and full facilities. With the enthusiastic environment from its music and decoration, the gym will make your workout sessions exciting, joyous, and wholesome moments.

Once you have become a member of the gym, you can enjoy full access to all facilities and group class exercises that the gym provides. As a platinum club level, the gym offers a high level of comfort and a great variety of exercise options. When you step into the gym located on Floor 8 of T-ONE Building, you check in and receive towels and gym clothes.

On the left of the check-in station, you will see the Towel Counter where you can request gym clothes, pants, and a set of towels.

On the first floor of the gym, there is a vast area for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) group class exercises. For those who seek to exercise alone, you can use other machines such as treadmills and SKILLMILLs while enjoying the city view of Thonglor through the windows.

Group class exercises help you build power and strength through a body-weight workout and with using the equipment. A professional coach heads the session to ensure safety and exercise results.
SKILLMILL: a treadmill-like machine, but with higher intensity to exert your energy and strength.
Treadmills by the window. You can enjoy the city view of Thonglor while running on the machines.

Moving to the second floor, you can rest yourself from your hard workout session with hot and cold soft drinks such as black coffee, tea, and infused water made of apples, pineapple, ginger and lemon, and watermelon. There is also a hot desk area with outlets for people who need to finish some quick work before or after exercising or those with a work-from-anywhere lifestyle.

Resting area. People who need to work can also get a spot here with a range of refreshments available all day.
Infused water: orange, pineapple, and lime and ginger. You may see green apples, and watermelon, as well, on some days.
Other provided drinks are hot black coffee, hot green tea, hot black tea, and hot water. There are zero-calorie sugar, and cream available, too.

On the third floor, you will find an area loaded with equipment and weight machines. You can work out with dumbbells, and total-body weight machines here. Moreover, to add some thrills to your exercise plan, you can hang yourself with the bar, use suspension straps, or play with weight balls or Bulgarian bags. 

The central workout area on the third floor.
You can find other useful equipment that will assist you to work out with higher performance such as weight balls, yoga balls, Bosu Balances, Bulgarian Bags, mats, kettlebells, etc.
Weight machines that work out all parts of your body.
Weight machines in Fitness First Thonglor T-ONE Building are variously selected for not only building muscles but an overall body exercise for wellness.

There are other things you can do on the third floor:

You can check deep body measurements such as body weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI, BMR, etc. with Boditrax machine where you stand and grab their grips for the results within a few seconds. 

Boditrax machine can measure deep body measures, so you can plan the right workouts to tackle your needs. You stand on the machine and hold the grips to get the results.
Boxers can practice punching and kicking by themselves or with other gym-goers in the boxing group class exercise. 

Bikers can join the Biking room for Procycling, RPM, and Bike Tour classes. With the latest monitor in front of the room that tracks how fast each biker rides, and the pumping music that encourages them to ride to hit the target, the class allows you to burn tons of calories while enjoying the thrilling vibe as if you were biking in the space. 

The excitement of the group biking classes is enhanced by changing lights, the monitor screen that shows the simulated scenery, and the speed of each biker, and upbeat EDM-like music.

Pop or Latin dancers can go to the Group Exercise room for Zumba and BODYJAM classes to show their hot steps on the floor. Also, a weight training group class, BODYPUMP, can be attended in the same room, as well.

BODYPUMP class allows members to challenge their strength and stamina with body-weight training, a weight bar, and other equipment. A professionally-trained BODYPUM coach guides step-by-step on how to do the workout and ensures the safety of everyone.

Mindfulness practitioners can go to Mind and Body Studio to do mat yoga, yoga fly or aerial yoga, and mat Pilates. With the serene ambiance with the relaxing tone of brownish-yellow lights, you will find yourself easily able to tune in with the present and yourself.

A certified yoga trainer shows step-by-step how to do each pose, and goes to each member to support them.

After you have sweated from those classes, you can hit a sauna room or take a shower to unwind or get refreshed inside the fitting room. You can get changed with the clothes you have brought and placed in the locker. The gym also provides cotton pads, cotton buds, tissue paper, body cream, shampoo, and cream soap for your convenience.

The changing rooms are separated for male and female members.

Inside the changing room, you can find lockers with and without a USB charger. There are shower rooms, restrooms, and dressing tables with cleaning kits such as pads, cotton buds, tissue paper, and body lotion.
You can also find a sauna room. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only 1 person is allowed to use it at a time. The suggested period of time inside the sauna room is 12 minutes. The heat helps relax your muscles from hard workouts.

The other service the gym ensures for you to deal with your personal health targets is private personal training sessions that come with extra costs. The professional trainers will conduct the sessions one-to-one with you, who are internationally certified and highly experienced in the knowledge and consultation that will successfully tackle your health concerns such as weight loss or gain, muscle building, stress management, health maintenance, body relaxation, etc. You can also request private boxing, yoga, pilates, weight training, HIIT, and other types of exercise from your trainer.

Every trainer is internationally certified. Getting private training hours is a perfect consideration for those with specific health goals and who wish to see fast and accurate results.

The members who have purchased private training hours usually receive Fitcoins which can be exchanged for Fitness First’s exclusive sports products such as protein shakes, yoga hammocks, bags, boxing gloves, tops, towels, and drinking water. Moreover, the gym also provides its partner’s, Musashi’s, supplements such as protein powder, protein bars, and performance-boosting supplements.

This zone is found on the first floor by the entrance, showcasing products that can be exclusively purchased with Fitcoins, and Musashi’s supplements.

The gym places hygiene and service as its priorities. Every staff is fully vaccinated and wears protection at all times for their and clients’ safety. Cleaners disinfect machines, and equipment, and clean every area inside the gym every a few hours. Gym members are still required to wear masks during exercising, and clean equipment or machines after use with cleaning kits placed throughout the exercising floors, rooms, and other areas to ensure sanitation for everyone. 

To access this gym is very convenient. You can drive and park at T-ONE Building with 3 hours of free parking or take BTS, where you get off at BTS Thonglor, and walk for a few minutes to the building. The gym is located on Floor 8 of the building. To get the exact location, please check https://goo.gl/maps/WcBHcj98b65S4mwL8. For more information, please call 02-118-6665 for visit https://www.fitnessfirst.co.th/


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