Wine I Love You Soi. Thonglor 16- lifestyle hub for great food, music, and wine.


After the sun goes down, Wine I Love You Soi. Thonglor 16 is lightened up with live music and festive gatherings of people who reward their hard days at work with fine-quality wine and delicious sets of Asian fusion food.

Special for this month, Wine I Love You Soi. Thonglor 16 is organizing a music contest to find out the best 10 bands that will get to play music at different branches of Wine I Love You. Throughout June, various bands are playing their best international music at Wine I Love You Soi. Thonglor 16 every day until June 28. The result of the winning teams will be announced on June 30 through Wine I Love You’s official Facebook page.

The restaurant at Soi. Thonglor 16 is well-known for not only great live music but also for its Asian fusion food and a large selection of quality wine. Here is the suggested list of food:

  1. BBQ Ribs: the restaurant-made savory BBQ sauce topped on large-sized tender ribs. Perfect to share among 2-3 people.
  2. Truffle mushrooms and cheese Quesadilla: a Mexican dish made of flour tortilla and fulfilling fillings. Can be either the main menu or an appetizer, depending on how hungry you are on the day.
  3. Deep-fried spicy minced pork: a popular flavorful Thai appetizer. Perfect pairing with a glass of draft beer or wine.
  4. Grilled beef: tender grilled pieces of beef served with Thai savory sauce. Perfect pairing with a glass of red wine.

The two-story restaurant ensures all kinds of gatherings, ranging from a romantic date to up to a 10-person sized party, that can be held indoor and outdoor. Parking is available free of charge with the restaurant stamp, located right behind the restaurant for those who come with their private vehicles. The staff here are highly service-minded and quick to respond to make sure your moments in the restaurant are joyful and memorable. Wine I Love You Soi. Thonglor 16 is a perfect hangout destination for any day of the week. For more information, please contact 084-323-4878 or visit their Facebook for new events and food menu For the exact location, please check


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