Dr.Clear Aligners Thonglor- specialized in teeth-straightening and oral health treatments.


Dr.Clear Aligners Thonglor ensures teeth-straightening is a hassle-free experience with their high-quality made-in-German Aligners. Striving to be Your Reason to Smile, the clinic also is a full stop service for other oral treatments such as basic cleaning, whitening, and tooth and gum treatments.

Dr.Clear Aligners Thonglor’s series of clear and removable Zendura FLX aligners are created by industry-leading technology from Germany, which is to push the teeth with low forces into the desired, straight position. The product is stain-resistant and crack-resistant, highly durable, BPA-free, and pain-free. Unlike conventional braces where you still can see metals and colorful rubber bands, their Aligners will be seen invisible, allowing your teeth to shine their true beauty. Prior to the treatment, there will be a treatment-plan stimulation for clients to fully understand how the treatment will work. During the treatment, clients will change to a new set of aligners every 10 days and will start to see the result within the first 2 months. 

Besides their proudly-presented teeth-strengthening advanced innovation, Dr. Clear Aligners Thonglor serves as a full-stop service for oral cleaning and treatments such as regular oral check-ups, scaling, Fluoride coating, tooth filling, tooth extraction, Zoom whitening (in-office service), at-home whitening,  periodontitis treatment, root canal treatment, dental crown, dental implant, Dental Veneer, and denture. To enhance oral health, the clinic also has its own oral product line, which is created especially for people who receive Clear Aligners Treatment or seek higher quality oral care options, such as fresh mint flavored sealed liquid, advanced LED teeth whitening kit,  cleaning tablets for Aligners and retainers, and spearmint toothpaste.

Dr. Clear Aligners was originally founded in Singapore. Because it has been fast growing, the company has branched into 10 different countries around the globe. In Thailand, there already are 30 clinic partners, including the Thonglor branch. However, the company wishes to grow much more, and now is calling out for more dental clinic owners to join the success.

To receive their smile-enhancing experience or more information about franchising, please contact 02-101-2384 or Line OA @drclearaligner. To get to know more about their products and services, please visit their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DrClearAlignersTh or website https://www.drclearaligners.co.th/en/smile-assessment/. To access the clinic, please check https://goo.gl/maps/39jaZcwTfvirPWqH6.


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