Mitoki Japanese Restaurant- Authentic taste at a fulfilling size and friendly price


Mitoki Japanese Restaurant is experienced in authentic Japanese home-cooking recipes such as Tempura, Tonkatsu, Udon, and Sushi. Everyone enjoys affordable pricing with a pleasantly full stomach home.

Mr.Kriangkrai, a master chef of the restaurant, said that he had been working as a chef in Japan for over 26 years. He is behind the delicious work on the menu that impresses his clients with a truly authentic Japanese taste. His most-well-acclaimed dish is Tempura, which is the fresh large-sized shrimp dipped in eggy breadcrumbs and deep-fried. It sounds oily because of the cooking process; however, that is not what you find in this dish due to his special cooking technique.

Moreover, Tonkatsu or deep-fried crispy pork cutlets with Tonkatsu sauce served with Japanese rice is many favorite’s dish to order. In fact, Mitoki has a variety of similar rice menu with other kinds of meat (Don) such as beef-Teriyaki Gyu Don (rice with grilled Gyu Don beef), Salmon-rice with Salmon Katsu (deep-fried crispy Salmon), chicken, eel, etc. There is also a large set menu, Sukiyaki Set, which contains various vegetables, tofu, streaky pork, a bowl of rice, Kimchi, steamed egg, and a fresh egg- all being cooked on a portable gas stove included in the set to ensure all-the-time heated soup, ane noodles set menu, which can be found in both hot and cold version. 

Desserts here are uniquely homemade such as Kinako Pudding (made from roasted soybean flour), Matcha Pudding (made from the ground powder of green tea leaves), and Jikasei Pudding (house’s signature), and Soba Cyoko Zenzai (hot red beans with Soba Mochi flour). 

When you enter Mitoki’s inside, you will feel like dining in a Japanese house, feeling casual, cozy, and relaxing. With the light yellowish light ambiance, the restaurant encourages pair or group catch-up gatherings. The staff here are friendly and service-minded in a Japanese way. Dining in is actually more recommended than a home delivery despite its convenience because of the true Japanese vibe this place has to offer.

Mitoki Japanese Restaurant is perfect for those who seek true Japanese dishes with a reasonable price and portion. Located on Floor 3 of DONKI Mall Thonglor Soi. 10, the place is open daily from 11 AM to 9.30 PM. To get the exact location, please check For more information, please call 02-120-4165 or visit their Facebook Page or website


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