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This Japanese hotpot which would have originated from Chinese cuisine is waiting for you at Shabu 4 U

The hotpot cuisine would have appeared in China as early as the Zhou dynasty, several centuries before Jesus Christ. Later, under the Yuan dynasty in the 14th century AD, it is said that Kublai Khan, the founder of this empire enjoyed serving a hot pot of sheep to his army as a reward for victory after a battle.

The hot pot was then popularized by several Chinese emperors, where it was served during important celebrations, but the hot pot also became widely democratized over time.

During this period, Chinese merchants spread this style of cooking abroad via trade routes in countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and it finally ended up in Japan where it got its name of Shabu.

It is said that a doctor from Tottori Prefecture (northwest of Kyoto) was sent to Beijing as a military doctor during World War II.

There, he tasted the sheep hot pot, which was usually served as a winter dish. After the war, this doctor lived in Kyoto where he introduced the dish to a chef at one of his favorite restaurants. Lamb was hard to find, so the chef used beef and an improved the mixture.
The name “Shabu” refers to the sound the beef makes as it cooks quickly in the soup. Shabu literally translates to “swish” is the descendant of the Chinese hot pot.

Located only 100m from the Phra Khanong BTS station, Shabu 4 U invites you to revisit this culinary history in the very heart of the capital. You will enjoy a delicious Shabu of thinly sliced beef or pork with crispy vegetables, briefly immersed in a pot of soup deliciously seasoned with fresh ingredients, all topped with homemade sauces and a cold beer served by an attentive staff.
A restaurant that combines authenticity and modernity that we highly recommend.

Phra Khanong
4878 Sukhumvit Plus 2 Alley, Bangkok, Thailand
+66 87 348 2634
Take away possible
Opening hours 11AM-8PM
Sunday to Saturday

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