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Bangkok Considers Setting Up Hawker Centers Throughout City

Bangkok authorities are looking to establish hawker centers as a permanent solution to disorganized street vendor stalls.

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt said the aim is to provide street vendors with low-rent locations and residents with inexpensive food.

According to the governor, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is negotiating with relevant parties to use areas beneath expressways and vacant land as hawker centers. Several landowners have consented to lease their privately-owned land for use in the hawker project in exchange for low rents.

Chadchart recently led a team of BMA officials to survey the footpaths and sidewalks surrounding Phran Nok Market, one of 31 potential locations identified by the BMA.

Following the survey, Chadchartt said each approved location must be at least two meters wide and clearly marked with safety signs. One-meter width will be reserved for stalls while another will be space for pedestrians.

The Bangkok governor added that a weekly break from street vending on Mondays to allow for cleaning would remain in effect, though he was considering extending the break to every two weeks.

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