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CPN invests in the housing market with a five-year goal of creating 70 condominium buildings across Thailand

The residential business plan for Central Pattana is being implemented in order to achieve rapid growth. In the 5-year plan, more than 50 projects will be expanded in order to reach a total of projects covering 27 provinces, more than 70 projects, and 20,000 households in the future. This is done in order to emphasize the success of retail-led mixed-use development.

The president and chief executive officer of Central Pattana Public Company Limited (CPN), Ms. Wanaya Chirathivat, disclosed in July 2022 that the company has prioritized being a retail-led mixed-use developer in 2022 and has a goal to invest 120 billion baht in 5 years. Residential is another primary activity. It’s a component of the mixed-use development that improves Central Pattana. and has been expanding steadily for the past four years, bringing in more than 10,000 million baht overall.

With residential projects covering 27 provinces, more than 70 projects, and more than 20,000 Central inhabitants in the future, the company’s goal is for the Residential business to develop to more than 50 projects by 2026 and sustainably grow at least 20 percent per year.

Central Pattana has 40 years of experience and expertise. We want to create a standard for quality housing projects across the country. as well as upgrading the quality of life and living lifestyle to the best as ‘The Ecosystem of Quality Living’ throughout the country with the Market Insight that we have to understand the behavior and needs of customers in different locations as well. can meet the needs of people living in both the main city and the secondary city According to the guidelines for the development of shopping centers belonging to Central Pattana or of Central Group or other potential locations.

Capt. Gree Dechchai President, Residential Business Central Pattana Plc. revealed more details that “Baan Central” by Central Pattana has outstanding strengths in connecting Retail & Residential Integration through 3 key strategies: 1) Best in Town : Strong brand, targeting New CBD & Downtown locations, 2) Beyond Quality : Quality-Lifestyle. – Safety beyond expectation and 3) Strong Synergy: join forces in Central Group to continue fulfilling lifestyle journeys.

Details are as follows: 

  1. Best in Town: a strong brand  that dominates the New CBD and Downtown area, offering residents the comfort of living close to a mall or in a Central Pattana mixed-use development. This can provide a solution to the conundrum about the kids’ daily lives. Additional convenience is provided by working in prestigious office buildings, dining in hotels, and shopping at accessible malls. In addition, our projects are a valuable asset that merit investment.
  2. Exceeding Expectations in Quality, Lifestyle, and Safety.   Customer-Centric Design Thinking as part of residential projects that consider to “give more” quality of life in a number of areas, including:
    1. Space: By supplying more seclusion and up to 35 percent more green space than the sales area of the overall project. Increase the amount of usable space while emphasizing the shade provided by big trees. Learn about new ways of living like Flexible Space, Senior Room, and Universal Design.
    2. Smart Security & Well-Being: Smart technology provides security and offers more basic features like the Double Gate System, the VMS (Visitor Management System) that comes with projects from entry-level brands and high-end projects like “NIYHAM” with six levels of security, the Smart Application that combines privilege, security, home automation, and active air-flow systems to monitor air quality and lower the temperature to a comfortable level for living, etc.
    3. Services & Facilities: Each condominium building includes a rooftop pool as well as additional common areas and comprehensive amenities that help to maintain customer faith in the juristic person administered by Central Pattana. It has a 25-meter salt system (semi-olympic), fitness equipment that meets hotel standards, shuttle bus service to the Central Shopping Center, more parking spaces than is typical, and new outdoor lifestyle amenities like a playground, library, and senior garden that support learning and activities for the elderly. It is also pet-friendly and has a laundry café that waits while clothes are being washed as well as a garden gym and exercise area.
    4. Sustainability: In order to advance the NET ZERO target in 2050, we have tested new materials and design solutions, such as choosing plants that minimize CO2 emissions and taking part in the project to plant 1 million trees, as well as installing full solar cells in communal areas. Awaiting the opportunity to offer guidance to locals regarding installation, EV Charger Station service, waste water management system, trash recycling point, etc.
  3. Strong Synergy: Gains from Central Group’s services that have been connected continuously since the first day of becoming “Central residents,” including creating the first service plan, Central Pattana Concierge, personal butler service, maid service, and other services connected to the business in the mixed-use project, as well as having the option to upgrade to The 1 Exclusive following the house transfer. The package includes numerous benefits, including savings from Central, Robinson, Tops Online, and PowerBuy, as well as services for homeowners from Home Service and BnB Home.

The ESCENT condominiums and townhomes are only a few of the high-end brands and formats that Central Pattana Residential is dedicated to producing. The price level 2 million baht or more penetrates customer groups focusing on the ease of living an urban lifestyle close to a shopping center. Priced at three million baht or more, the PHYLL condominium is marketed to metropolitan consumers who desire ease of travel to numerous locations.

NIYHAM homes costing at least 25 million baht Targeting wealthy clients with large families and NINYA homes costing at least 10 million baht targeting customers from the youthful generation who are successful in their careers and NIRATI, residences costing at least 5 million baht targeted at first-time parents who desire to start their own families.

Regarding the addition of new projects in 2022, Central Pattana Residential debuts 6 new projects, including Ninya Ratchaphruek and Nirati Chiang Mai, two low-rise projects, and 4 condominium projects under the ESCENT brand in Surat Thani, close to the Central Surat Thani shopping center. In addition, projects close to Robinson Lifestyle are launched in three other provinces, Suphan Buri, Chachoengsao, and Trang.

A recent event called Imagining Better Living took place in the Central Court Zone of the Central World Shopping Center’s Glass Lift on the first floor.

Collect more than 10 “Central Homes” projects between now and July 24, 2022, including single-family detached homes, townhomes, and condominiums offering limited-time exclusive offers worth up to 8 million baht alone.

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