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Sansiri speeds up its path to the market, Condo after-sales service reigns supreme

Sansiri has announced its second Speed to Market strategy: Keep an eye on the market and be prepared to act quickly, as the real estate market recovers and interest from overseas buyers increases. Highlights of the second half of the year, demonstrating a strong image in four dimensions, confirming “the number one brand, people want to have a home,” and emphasizing that PROFIT must go along PEOPLE-PLANET for sustainable growth in all dimensions.

Mr. Uthai Uthaisangsuk, Chief Operating Officer of Sansiri Public Firm Limited or SIRI, disclosed on July 26, 2022, that the company earned total revenues of 18.3 billion baht, representing 52 percent, during the first half of 2022. From a sales target of 35 billion baht for the year from the introduction of 15 projects totaling 18,800 million baht.

Low-rise projects accounted for the majority of sales (12,700 million baht), accounting for 74% of total sales for the first six months. They also sold out 6 developments, single houses and townhouses in Bangkok, as well as 5,600 million baht in sales from condominiums in other provinces.

The company’s sales in the second quarter of 2022 were 11,100 million baht, a 54 percent increase from the first quarter of 2012, when sales were 7,200 million baht.

Furthermore, Sansiri has a transfer record of 14,000 million baht in the first half of the year, representing 40% of the total transfer target of 35 billion baht for the year, divided into transfers of low-rise projects and condominiums in the proportion of 65:35, with backlogs or products waiting to be transferred. We have 10,500 million baht in hand for this year, therefore there is only 10,500 million baht remaining for the transfer of new works, so we are certain that we will be able to create the transfer amount according to the targets established.

With the beginning of the yearly campaign “YOU Are Made For Life,” Sansiri manages its company under the “YOU-centric” model, where “you” that is the fundamental driving force of Sansiri, including “workers, customers, and society.” 

And thus the cooperation between Sansiri, a Thai real estate industry leader, and “VVON SUGUNNASIL,” a tailor-made suit brand, and a prominent Ready-to-Wear team to develop “YOUniform” uniforms began. 

For the first time, Sansiri has included “customers” as another significant driving force! With the collaboration of two industry titans, “Sansiri-selling laughs” generates a phenomenon that delivers laughter in the debut of the year’s huge campaign “Baan this ha ha ha.” Continue your efforts to make Thai people’s lives simpler.

The essential thing is that “society” is now the primary driving force behind Sansiri for the first time! Among the three equality model organizations Joining together to continue the campaign “Live Equally, We Are Equal, I Am Equal to You” with the backing of the UNDP’s third year, the organizations jointly proclaimed their support for equality and diversity. Working together to establish new standards in both the organization and Thai society

With the huge objective “Zero Dropout, All Children Must Learn” to transform the country’s change. Children who have dropped out of school must be “zero.”

On the PLANET, Sansiri has advanced the Net-Zero aim by establishing a 2022 target, every single residence Sansiri. Every new project’s common spaces have a 100% solar roof, and every new high-end detached housing project has a 100% EV charger, with the goal of becoming a Thai real estate with zero carbon gas emissions.

Sansiri has announced the “Sansiri Tree Story” effort to plant trees in Bangkok. in terms of gathering – selecting – planting – preserving To maintain the business developing in tandem with a better environment, including enhanced people’s and society’s quality of life.

Sansiri sees the future demand and direction of the real estate market based on business development during the last six months (January-June 2022). Looking at the market swiftly and being able to adjust promptly to any event, or Speed to Market, is the major approach that has made Sansiri strong in the past 2021 amid the Covid predicament, as well as a strength of Sansiri in the second half of 2022.

Sansiri continues to outperform its competitors with “Speed to Market #2,” which consists of a business plan for the second half of the year to launch a total of 31 new projects with a total value of 31,200 million baht in order to meet the 35 billion baht sales and project transfer target this year, including strong, long-term, three-year, sustainable growth. With an intention to develop a new project of 150 billion baht and a sales target of 120 billion baht,

Sansiri will be strong with the Speed to Market strategy #2, looking at the market rapidly and adapting swiftly to support every circumstance, in addition to the business plan for the second half of the year. Restore the real estate market and international client demand. with plans to introduce new projects and a focus on the introduction of both condominium and low-rise goods under a unified brand Sansiri is still one of life’s genuine leaders. Reigns as the No. 1 real estate brand in the hearts of clients and the No. 1 brand for those looking for a house, ready to reinforce the image of Sansiri’s strength in four areas. Beginning in the second half of this year, comprising of

  1. “Leader in the Luxury Market” Sansiri has been the number one developer of luxury real estate and super luxury in Thailand for over 38 years, as seen by projects such as 98 Wireless, Baan Sansiri Phatthanakan, The Monument Thonglor, KHUN by YOO inspired by Stark, and Bukan Yothin Pattana.

Sansiri is prepared to debut the brand “NARASIRI” (Narasiri), 2 new luxury detached residences, “Narasiri Phahon-Watcharaphon” and “Narasiri Krungthep Kreetha” on the best position, in the second half of 2022. The “Krungthep Kreetha Community”

With the Rare item project in Sansiri Luxury, the Narasiri Krungthep Kreetha Project, valued at 50-95 million baht, will be the flagship of the Narasiri brand again in 10 years with the idea “A Matter of Refinement, Beautiful in Detail.” The collection is scheduled to be formally launched in October 2022, with recent pre-sales of more than 50% and a total value of more than 3,500 million baht after being on sale without viewing the real project in less than a month.

Sansiri’s leadership in building a high-end single-detached house brand is also reinforced. With a single home brand “Setthasiri-Burasiri,” prices range from 8 to 20 million baht, with recent sales totaling 4,800 million baht. Sansiri plans to introduce “Setthasiri Don Mueang,” an area of 79 rai with a project value of 4,300 million baht, in the second half of 2022, and “Burasiri Rasiri Krungthep Kreetha,” an area of 85 rai with a project value of 4,000 million baht, in the Krungthep Kreetha community.

Recently, pre-sales of condominiums across three new developments occurred concurrently, reaching three places in the center of the community – the wellspring of work. Condo Me Bangna-Bang Bo Sold out throughout the weekend of July 23-24, 2022, with total sales of 500 million baht from Real Demand buyers! Immediately, Condo Mee On Nut-Rama 9 sold 90% of its units, and Condo Mee Navanakorn’s new phase was well appreciated.

Sansiri intends to transfer four additional new condominiums in 2022, namely Condo Me Navanakorn Phase 2, The Base Phetchaburi Thonglor, XT Phayathai, which will be transferred in October, and The Move Kaset, which will be transferred in December. In order to reach the transfer objective of 12,000 million baht.

It also handles home health care. Sansiri House Care delivers services to maintain your home healthy during the insurance time. Highlight with activities “Rak Home Health,” Thailand’s first and only after-sales service. It is the secret to maintaining the number one real estate brand in the hearts of customers for four years in a row.

Are you ready to take your trust to the next level with LIV-24, a new technology for total safety care? to boost one’s confidence to the next level The Sansiri Home Service Application is ready to monitor residents’ security in real time 24 hours a day and provide new services.

A healthy business must care for the environment and society. Sansiri has continued to undertake many projects to bring smiles to Thai people and care for the world, such as the No One Left Behind project, vaccinating Sansiri employees and partners, assisting SMEs, being a cog in helping the country’s covids, assisting camp workers, assisting elephants, and assisting farmers, among others.

Sansiri’s goal to be a sustainable organization in all areas. Because today’s businesses cannot just focus on earnings. must strike a balance between PROFIT-PEOPLE and PLANET-GROWTH Because Sansiri wants its business to expand in unison with the improvement of the environment. Including the people’s and society’s quality of life as they progress together

So “the number one brand in the hearts of customers” will be the result of all of this.

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