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For international soft power promotion, Netflix will partner with the Thailand Film Office

One of the most widely used streaming services, Netflix (Thailand) has subscribers in more than 190 countries. In order to demonstrate Thailand’s “soft power” to the world, it will collaborate with the Thailand Film Office, the Department of Tourism, and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to produce new works set in the country.

The Thailand Film Office has devised measures to encourage foreign production companies to shoot in Thailand by giving benefits to filmmakers who invest 50 million baht or more in Thailand, in the form of a cash rebate of 15% (approx. US$1.4m), plus additional rebates that can be boosted up to 5%:

• +5% for promoting Thai tourism, soft power, and a positive image of Thailand;

• +3% for hiring key Thai personnel;

• +3% for shooting in designated tourism locations;

• +2% for spending on post-production services in Thailand;

• +5% for shooting before 31 December 2023 – *Minimum local spend in Thailand of more than THB 100 million (approx. US$2.8m).

Since the beginning of 2022, 238 films have been shot in Thailand, generating around 2,558 million baht in income for the country.

Foreign filmmakers interested in making films in the Kingdom can learn more by visiting the TFO Thailand Film Office Facebook page or contacting (662) 141 3114.

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