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BMA Conducts Cleanup and Releases Preliminary Findings on Overpass Accident

Following the tragic collapse of an under-construction overpass in Lat Krabang district, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has deployed personnel to clean up the accident site. The incident resulted in two fatalities and left twelve others injured, all of whom are currently receiving medical treatment in various hospitals.

His Majesty the King has expressed condolences to the deceased and injured, demonstrating deep compassion for the victims and their families.

Preliminary findings by the BMA indicate that the collapse occurred during a tension cable pull, causing the Box Segment structure of the bridge to collapse. This led to the top launcher, a blue steel structure, losing balance and collapsing onto the bridge structure near columns 83 and 84.

While a section of the bridge has been compromised, the exact cause will be verified by the Engineering Institute of Thailand. In the meantime, the BMA is working swiftly to remove the damaged structure to restore traffic flow. The process is expected to be completed within three days.

The hiring company responsible for the construction is a registered special-tier contractor with the Comptroller General’s Department. It is required to have previous experience in constructing similar structures with a contract value of 500 million baht. Measures are being implemented to ensure contractor selection prioritizes quality, including enhanced qualification assessments and measures.

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