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Bangkok City Hall Celebrates Multicultural Roots with “Look Up BKK” Festival

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is collaborating with the Ministry of Culture to host the “Look Up BKK” cultural festival, showcasing the city’s rich multicultural heritage. The four-day event, taking place from Thursday to Sunday, aims to highlight Bangkok’s diverse cultural aspects, which have thrived for over 240 years.

Deputy Permanent Secretary at the BMA, Mr. Chalermpon Chotinuchit, emphasized that the festival serves as a platform to foster creativity, preserve multicultural heritage, and contribute to economic growth.

Throughout the festival, visitors can experience unique and rare traditional performances by various cultural groups within the city. Handicraft workshops, captivating street art displays, cooking demonstrations, delectable food items, and locally crafted products will also be showcased, providing an immersive experience into Bangkok’s vibrant multicultural roots.

The “Look Up BKK” festival promises to celebrate Bangkok’s cultural diversity while encouraging the preservation of its historical and artistic heritage, making it an event not to be missed for both locals and tourists.

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