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Bangkok’s Landscape Transformed: 1,454 Km of Electrical Wires to Go Underground

Bangkok, Thailand – In a bold move set to revolutionize the city’s infrastructure, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) has revealed a groundbreaking plan to bury a staggering 1,454 kilometers of electrical wires underground within the next decade. The transformative initiative aims to enhance the lives of over 14 million residents in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Samut Prakan by optimizing electric power services through the implementation of cutting-edge smart technology, enabling more efficient management of the electricity system.

MEA Governor, Wilas Chaloeysat, unveiled the ambitious project’s details during a highly-anticipated press conference, held in the lead-up to the authority’s 65th anniversary on August 1. Aptly dubbed the “smarter metro grids and smarter meters” project, the initiative seeks to make electricity services more convenient and intelligent for the urban population.

To prepare for this massive undertaking, the MEA conducted an extensive survey along major roads and nearby areas in the city. This comprehensive analysis identified more than 1,000 kilometers of cable wires in dire need of subterranean placement. Over the next ten years, the MEA intends to complete the colossal underground wiring project, with a primary focus on areas along Skytrain and metro train lines. The agency has already achieved significant progress, successfully burying 91 kilometers of electric wires in vital business zones and roadways, notably the bustling Sathon district.

As part of the expansion plan, the MEA aims to extend the coverage of underground wiring by an additional 236.1 kilometers by 2027. Once accomplished, a grand total of 1,454 kilometers of electrical wires will be safely ensconced within underground pipes. To further bolster the efficiency of the system, the MEA plans to ramp up the deployment of smart meters from the current 33,265 sets to a remarkable 441,400 sets by 2027. These intelligent meters will play a crucial role in detecting system errors and resolving power usage issues promptly.

Recognizing the increasing prominence of electric vehicles (EVs) in the nation’s transportation landscape, the MEA has also taken significant steps to prepare for the projected surge. With an estimated 6.6 million electric cars expected in Thailand by 2037, the authority has proactively rolled out EV charging stations across strategic locations. Furthermore, it has introduced smart charging systems for households and developed innovative transformer load monitoring technologies to avert potential electricity overloads.

The MEA’s transformative vision promises to redefine Bangkok’s urban landscape, ushering in a new era of electricity management and smart infrastructure. As the city gears up to celebrate the MEA’s 65 years of service, the stage is set for a decade of remarkable progress and innovation, solidifying the city’s position as a cutting-edge metropolis on the global stage.

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