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Viral Image of Donated Japanese Train Surrounded by Garbage Sparks Cleanup Efforts in Bangkok

A viral image of a donated Japanese KIHA 183 train in Thailand surrounded by piles of garbage has caught global attention. The picture was shared on social media by a Japanese individual, raising concerns about the condition of the train and the cleanliness of the area.

The image featured the KIHA 183 train stationed on tracks amidst heaps of rubbish at the Phaya Thai station area in Bangkok. It was later revealed that the station had recently been demolished, leaving behind a significant amount of unattended garbage. The area was scheduled for further construction to create a connecting link to the airport.

After the picture gained widespread attention, Bangkok officials quickly sprang into action to address the issue. Cleaning staff from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) were dispatched to clear the garbage along the railway line at Phaya Thai station and its vicinity. The situation became a matter of urgency, particularly in the Daeng Bunga community, Boon Rom Sai Community, and Yommarat Railway Curve Community in Ratchathewi District.

The BMA Governor, Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, personally visited the area to oversee the cleanup efforts. He ensured that various agencies responsible for the area took swift action to clear the waste and restore the surroundings to an acceptable state before returning the area to the train.

During the inspection, Mr. Chatchart emphasized that the garbage was not ordinary waste but a result of the demolition of an old community comprising around 48 houses. To address the situation, discussions were held with various agencies to provide temporary housing for the affected people. A savings group was also set up to support the community during this transitional period. Additionally, the donated train is expected to play a role in helping the residents in their new living arrangements.

The incident has drawn attention to the need for better coordination and management during the development and demolition of areas, ensuring that proper waste disposal and maintenance procedures are followed to preserve the cleanliness and aesthetics of public spaces.

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