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Buyers of Ashton Asok condominium project to receive refunds after construction permit revoked

The Foundation for Consumers has declared that buyers of the Ashton Asok condominium project are entitled to receive refunds following a ruling by the Supreme Administrative Court to revoke the project’s construction permit. The court found that the construction project, managed by a subsidiary of property firm Ananda Development, had incorporated illegal modifications to the building, impacting around 700 buyers.

Naruemon Mekborisut, a deputy director at the Foundation for Consumers, expressed concern over state agencies not fulfilling their duties, which allowed the property developer to proceed with an illegal project, leading to the court’s permit revocation and subsequent consequences for consumers.

According to Naruemon, businesses responsible for the project must refund the money received for the condo units to all buyers with interest. She emphasized that any complaints filed by the property developer with agencies that approved the construction are separate matters unrelated to consumer reimbursements.

Naruemon urged consumers to conduct thorough reviews of relevant details before purchasing a condominium, including information on sales and construction companies, as well as the process of permits authorization. This would help avoid potential pitfalls such as condos not being delivered, construction licenses not being obtained, or legal issues leading to demolition.

Chaloemphong Klapdi, head of a lawyers’ center for consumer protection, stated that the business operator was in breach of the agreement as consumers had already purchased the units but were unable to reside in them. Therefore, consumers have the right to revoke the agreement and request a full refund with interest.

The Foundation for Consumers is ready to assist buyers in filing legal suits against the project owner. Consumers impacted by the Ashton condo affair can file their complaints by emailing complaint@consumerthai.org.

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