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Nonina Tapas Bar: Where Spanish Flavors Meet Sporting Spirit

Nestled serenely along the leafy Sukhumvit Soi 89 is a culinary haven that bears the name Nonina Tapas Bar, a beacon of Spanish gastronomy that has graced Bangkok’s vibrant food scene for the past three months. Launched in May 20, this venture is the harmonious collaboration of Alvaro and Nicolas, individuals who once tread the path of sports software and found themselves intertwining their passions to create an establishment that caters to both the palate and the paddle, in partnership with Kross Padel Bangkok.

The genesis of this culinary venture was an encounter with the owner of the Padel club. As Alvaro and Nicolas shared their culinary expertise, the concept of Nonina began to take shape organically, a symbiotic blend of Spanish culinary artistry and the camaraderie found within sports circles. Having made the journey from Spain to Thailand a year prior, these individuals brought with them not only their skills but also an insatiable appetite to share the flavors of their homeland.

The very name “Nonina” is a nod to the southern reaches of Spain and translates to a resounding “yes” – an affirmation of flavor and experience. A fitting label for an establishment that proudly curates its offerings from the diverse tapestry of Spanish cuisine, spanning regions and culinary traditions. And the marriage of Spanish tapas with the energetic ambiance of a sports club is nothing short of brilliance – a swift and satisfying culinary dance that mirrors the spirited rhythm of sports.

The menu is an homage to Spain’s edible heritage, paying tribute to traditional flavors that seamlessly transition to suit the brisk pace of a sports club environment. The dishes are prompt, flavorsome, and never excessive – an elegant homage to the essence of tapas.

Garlic shrimp, or Gambas, are a testament to this philosophy. A quintessential Spanish delight, the shrimp are bathed in a fragrant oil and garlic concoction that beckons diners to use a piece of bread to savor every nuance, making for a savory prelude to the culinary journey.

A nod to the Catalan inspiration, Tosta features imported jamon crowning a bed of tomatoes and bread. The interplay of saltiness, complemented by the mild tang of tomatoes, speaks volumes of the thoughtful curation behind each dish.

Broken eggs, a hearty concoction of hand-cut fries and jamon, offer an inviting ensemble of flavors and textures. This classic dish harmonizes the inherent saltiness of jamon with the comfort of eggs and fries, rendering a symphony of taste that is both gratifying and familiar.

The Bravas, a simple yet artful ensemble of hand-cut, boiled, and lightly fried potatoes, emerge as a canvas for a drizzle of garlic mayo and bravas sauce. The medley of textures and flavors is a testament to the simplicity of Spanish cuisine, elevated to delectable heights.

Looking toward the future, Nonina Tapas Bar has more in store. The promise of an extended menu, events such as BBQs and cooking classes, and live music allude to a dynamic destination that transcends the confines of mere dining. The addition of roofs promises to better accommodate the environment, enhancing the overall experience.

Speaking of experiences, the prospect of Spanish cooking classes tantalizes those with a culinary curiosity. The art of crafting Spanish tortillas, composed of humble ingredients yet a complex process, beckons individuals to learn the intricate dance of flavors and techniques.

Beyond the confines of the restaurant, Nonina’s ambitions expand to future collaborations with Kross Padel Bangkok. The alignment of restaurant concepts with the paddle club’s forthcoming ventures suggests the birth of a culinary and sporting nexus, poised to cater to both locals and visitors in search of delectable flavors and camaraderie.

Nonina Tapas Bar is more than a mere dining establishment; it is a gastronomic ode to Spanish culture and a testament to the fusion of passions. It beckons patrons to savor not only the flavors but also the spirit that inspired its inception. A journey through Spain’s culinary heritage awaits, crafted with finesse and shared with heart.

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