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Thai Taekwondo Triumph at Asian Games with China

At the Taekwondo competition during the Hangzhou Asian Games, Thailand emerged triumphant, securing an impressive haul of two gold and two bronze medals. Beyond the sporting triumphs, a spirit of warm camaraderie was palpable between Thai and Chinese athletes.

Thanadit Raktabutr, the Secretary-General of the Thailand Taekwondo Association, expressed immense pride in his team’s exceptional performance. This success was a result of years of rigorous training and dedicated efforts, exceeding initial expectations.

Raktabutr underscored the extraordinary display of talent at the Asian Games, particularly commending the skill and prowess exhibited by Chinese athletes. He saw this as a testament to China’s advancing living standards and remarkable enhancement in the physical fitness of its youth over the past two decades, laying a strong foundation for the nation’s future in sports.

One of Thailand’s celebrated athletes, Panipak Wongpattanakit, clinched victory in the women’s 49kg category in Hangzhou, a win that held profound significance beyond the gold medal itself. Wongpattanakit’s family was present to witness her achievement, thanks to complimentary tickets provided by local residents, a gesture that deeply moved her and evoked a sense of gratitude.

Expressing her sentiments, Wongpattanakit said, “I am deeply grateful to the people who provided this opportunity for my family to be here and support me. This means a lot to me, and I am sincerely thankful for the warmth and enthusiasm of my Chinese friends.”

Another talented athlete, Phannapa Harnsujin, secured a bronze medal in the women’s 57kg event. Touched by China’s rapid development and the efficiency of its e-commerce during her visits, Harnsujin eagerly anticipated engaging in future trade-related endeavors between the two nations.

Members of Thailand’s taekwondo delegation also extended their praise for the impeccable organization of the Asian Games. Raktabutr commended China’s extensive experience in hosting international events, highlighting the professionalism, meticulousness, and advanced facilities at the Athletes’ Village. He expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the volunteers, acknowledging their invaluable contribution in ensuring the smooth progress of the competition.

Raktabutr emphasized that the Asian Games not only stood as a platform for fierce competition but also served as a bridge of friendship. He noted, “This event not only celebrated the impressive achievements of the Thai taekwondo team but also fostered deeper camaraderie between the people of China and Thailand, showcasing Asian athletes’ spirit to the world.”

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