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Education Ministry Requests Over 380 Billion Baht for 2024 Budget

On October 16, 2023, Mr. Suthep Kaengsanthia, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education (MOE), disclosed the ongoing efforts within various departments to formulate the 2024 budget request for the Ministry of Education. These endeavors are being meticulously undertaken to propose an estimated budget exceeding 380 billion baht, underscoring a substantial allocation for projects aligned with the Office of the Basic Education Commission’s (OBEC) “Big Aum” policy, notably the highest sum of 287 billion baht.

Discussions have been initiated with the Budget Office, focusing on the execution of diverse projects that align with the priorities emphasized by Pol. Gen. Phoempoon Chidchob, the Minister of Education. These discussions aim to elucidate the specifics of these projects, enabling the Budget Office to comprehensively assess and prioritize them in alignment with their respective importance.

Mr. Suthep shed light on the preliminary budget overview, illuminating the key stakeholders seeking substantial allocations. The Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) has proposed the most substantial budget, amounting to approximately 287 billion baht, followed by the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Education with 44 billion baht. Additionally, the Office of the Vocational Education Commission (VEC) and the Office of the Education Council Secretariat (OEC) have requested 36 billion baht and 369 million baht, respectively.

Comparatively, this proposed budget marks an increase from the fiscal year 2023, which received an allocation of about 327 billion baht. However, it is imperative that all operations adhere to the stipulated timeline. The Budget Office will meticulously evaluate and propose the draft Budget Expenditure Act for the fiscal year 2024 to the Cabinet by the end of December 2023. Subsequently, the budget proposal will be presented for consideration to the House of Representatives in January 2024, with further evaluation and parliamentary approval expected in the ensuing months.

Moreover, Mr. Suthep emphasized the necessity for each agency to judiciously manage and allocate their budget based on the base year 2023, temporarily. Agencies are urged to prioritize their needs in alignment with this framework. Concurrently, efforts are underway to ensure timely preparation of the 2025 budget proposal, minimizing the likelihood of delays experienced in the past due to unexpected parliamentary circumstances, such as the dissolution of Parliament, which previously disrupted the budget consideration process.

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