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Government Accelerates Efforts to Modernize Public Services

In a determined drive to enhance public services, the government is rapidly advancing its adoption of electronic systems. Puangpet Chunlaiad, a minister affiliated with the Office of the Prime Minister, recently presided over a crucial meeting with the Administrative Committee of the Senate. The primary agenda of this meeting was to foster collaborations aimed at implementing electronic public services at the local level.

During the meeting, the committee also delved into a comprehensive review of the roles and responsibilities of the Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization), known as DGA. In a momentous development, a Memorandum of Understanding was inked among various related agencies, marking a pivotal milestone in the pursuit of delivering modern, convenient, and expeditious public services. As a tangible outcome of these endeavors, the DGA has successfully crafted a versatile service application christened “Thangrath,” designed to significantly curtail the necessity for public travel and reduce associated documentation costs.

Beyond this, the committee put forth a series of strategic recommendations to ensure the sustained progression of digital governance. This is especially crucial in times of government transition, to guarantee the uninterrupted delivery of essential services. One of the standout proposals is the creation of a “Super App” that will serve as a centralized hub for a wide array of services, effectively addressing the genuine needs of the public.

Minister Puangpet, in her remarks, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the committee for their invaluable guidance in enhancing the administrative system. She unequivocally pledged her unwavering support for these groundbreaking initiatives, underscoring their overarching goal of streamlining bureaucracy and trimming costs. The ultimate aim is to harmonize governance with public services, always keeping the best interests of the citizens at the forefront of their mission.

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