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Cabinet Approves New Year Holiday Changes

In a recent decision, the Cabinet has given the green light to an alteration in the upcoming New Year holiday schedule, effectively extending the period by commencing a day earlier, beginning on December 29th and concluding on January 1st. This shift in holiday dates, set to take effect from the upcoming New Year, may have implications for government agencies, which may need to evaluate their operations to ensure minimal disruption to essential services.

Government Spokesman Chai Wacharonke, in providing insights into this decision, also disclosed that the Cabinet has sanctioned an additional official holiday for government agencies on December 30, 2024. This strategic addition to the holiday calendar grants civil servants an extended 5-day holiday period in the forthcoming year, providing a valuable respite.

While the extended holiday period is a cause for celebration for many, it’s essential that government agencies take the time to evaluate how these changes might influence their operations and services. The aim is to ensure that any necessary adjustments are made to minimize any adverse impact on essential functions.

Furthermore, the Cabinet has delegated the responsibility to state enterprises, the Bank of Thailand, and the Ministry of Labour to explore the possibility of adopting these new holiday dates in line with relevant legal provisions. This consideration could potentially extend the application of the modified holiday schedule to encompass state enterprises, financial institutions, and private firms.

As we approach the implementation of this revised holiday calendar, government agencies and other relevant entities are urged to carefully assess their operations and adapt their schedules as needed to accommodate the changes while maintaining the efficient provision of essential services to the public.

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