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BEM Investigates Water Intrusion in MRT Train

On May 21, 2024, water was discovered flowing into the Chalermrachmongkol MRT line as a train left Bang Sue Station heading to Tao Poon Station. The Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Company Limited (BEM) has identified the source of the issue as a malfunction in the air conditioner’s sewer system, which caused water to backflow into the train’s interior. BEM confirmed that the water intrusion was not due to rainwater leakage.

Following this incident, BEM has conducted a thorough inspection of all air conditioning systems on their trains to ensure optimal performance. They have also increased the frequency of maintenance checks to prevent a recurrence of this issue.

In response to safety concerns, particularly regarding the risk of electrocution, BEM has reassured passengers that all electric trains are equipped with a proper short circuit protection system. This includes standard electrical equipment and fixtures such as mast fittings and handrails inside the cabins. A grounding system is also in place to prevent electrical leakage, ensuring passenger safety.

BEM apologizes for the incident and emphasizes their commitment to regular maintenance and staff training. Their goal is to provide reliable, convenient, and safe services for all passengers.

Mr. Somchai, a BEM official, reiterated the company’s dedication to safety and service quality. He noted that BEM will continue to enhance its systems and procedures to uphold high standards of operation.

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