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Prime Minister Unveils AWS Investment Plan at Bangkok Summit

Prime Minister Settha Taweesin took center stage at the “AWS Summit in Bangkok,” organized by Amazon Web Services (AWS), emphasizing Thailand’s potential for technological advancement and the crucial role cloud technology plays in driving this progress. The summit, aimed at propelling the adoption of cloud technology within Thailand, witnessed the Prime Minister’s announcement regarding AWS’s ambitious investment plans in the country’s infrastructure, totaling over 190 billion baht, set to materialize by 2037.

In his address, the Prime Minister underscored Thailand’s readiness to embrace cloud technology, citing its capacity to significantly reduce operational costs, expedite workflow deployment, and enhance user experience across various sectors. He also highlighted the government’s commitment to modernizing the civil service system, with a particular emphasis on accelerating the Cloud First Policy, anticipated to streamline governmental IT investments and foster collaboration with the private sector.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of data centers in facilitating cloud computing, the Prime Minister emphasized the imperative for Thailand to invest in robust infrastructure to support the nation’s digital transformation effectively. This investment, he noted, would serve as the cornerstone for advancing various sectors, including banking, tourism, marketing, education, and emerging technologies like generative AI.

Prime Minister Taweesin lauded AWS’s substantial contributions to Thailand’s economy, citing the company’s previous investment of 11.6 billion baht and its commitment to establishing the AWS Thailand Region by early 2025. He also emphasized the government’s efforts to restructure industries in tandem with attracting data centers, positioning Thailand as a burgeoning hub for technology and digital innovation.

Moreover, the Prime Minister commended AWS’s initiatives in enhancing digital literacy, noting the company’s training of over 50,000 individuals and its collaboration with universities to integrate AWS Academy into their curricula. He expressed confidence in the mutually beneficial partnership between AWS and Thailand, foreseeing its pivotal role in fostering digital literacy and propelling the nation’s long-term economic growth.

Watson Tirapattarapong, Country Director of AWS Thailand, outlined AWS’s commitment to establishing an AWS Asia Pacific (Bangkok) Region by early 2025 and reiterated the company’s dedication to providing secure and efficient cloud services in Thailand. The AWS Summit in Bangkok, part of the annual AWS Global Summit, brought together over 2,500 attendees, including industry experts, business leaders, and investors, to exchange insights on cloud computing and emerging technologies through a series of seminars and technology exhibitions.

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