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Thai Tearjerker “How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies” Sweeps Singapore Box Office

The Thai film “How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies” has made waves in the Singaporean box office, shattering records with its emotional resonance. Described by a netizen as a “tearjerker,” the movie’s impact on audiences has been profound. Bryan Wong, writing for “The 8days” online, reported that the film achieved the largest opening weekend for a Thai production in Singapore.

Over the weekend, Wong found himself inundated with friends praising the film, some hailing it as the best of the year. What’s particularly noteworthy is the trend of moviegoers sharing their emotional experiences on TikTok, recording their reactions before, during, and after watching the poignant narrative unfold.

Numerous viewers attested to the film’s emotional intensity, with reports of copious tissue usage during its two-hour runtime. One user even advised others to come prepared with multiple tissue boxes. Another recounted hearing people sobbing throughout the screening.

In Thailand, the film amassed a staggering Bt250 million within its first 14 days of release, underscoring its widespread appeal. It also secured its place as the second-highest-grossing Asian title in Indonesian cinema history, with over two million admissions in just 13 days.

Meanwhile, Free Malaysia Today (FMT) online delved into the film’s resonance in Malaysian households. Despite its seemingly simple plot, the directorial debut of Pat Boonnitipat strikes a chord with its portrayal of familial complexities. With Malaysia’s aging population, the themes explored in the film hit close to home, particularly the depiction of intergenerational dynamics and caregiving responsibilities.

According to FMT, scenes depicting the grandson’s involvement in his grandmother’s daily life are likely to strike a chord with local audiences. The film’s warmth emanates from its authentic portrayal of the bond between the protagonist and his grandmother, resonating with viewers of all ages.

While the generation gap is evident, the film emphasizes the possibility of connection and understanding between generations, showcasing the mutual care and support that transcend differences.

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