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Veterinarians Treat Injured Wild Elephant in Kanchanaburi

On the morning of June 8, a team of veterinarians in Kanchanaburi Province treated a wild female elephant named Pang Soi Thong, who had been suffering from an injury to her lower left tooth for over a month. This injury had prevented her from nursing her male calf. The pair were discovered playing in Huai Khayeng stream in Thong Pha Phum District.

The veterinary team was divided into two groups. The first team sedated Pang Soi Thong and used an ultrasound device to examine the swollen area on her left cheek near the tooth. They collected fluid samples for bacterial culture, then administered antibiotics and painkillers. They also implanted a microchip for future monitoring. This procedure took approximately one hour. Meanwhile, the second team took care of the calf.

Once the treatment was completed and Pang Soi Thong regained consciousness, she and her calf returned to the forest. Before disappearing into the trees, the elephants paused and looked back at the veterinary team, creating a poignant moment for those who had helped them.

Officials and wildlife conservationists in attendance emphasized the importance of timely medical intervention for wild animals to ensure their well-being and survival.

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