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Minister Takes Action Against Domestic Violence Surge

In response to a concerning surge in domestic violence cases, Social Development and Human Security Minister Varawut Silpa-archa has escalated efforts to address the issue, underscoring its significance in recent months. Nearly 70% of all reported violence incidents in the past two months alone have been attributed to domestic violence.

During a meeting with senior ministry officials on June 10, Varawut announced the bolstering of initiatives by the Human Security Emergency Management Centre to protect citizens facing domestic challenges. This includes the establishment of a 24/7 rapid deployment task force to provide assistance nationwide.

A recent report by the Human Security Emergency Management Centre for April and May revealed critical insights. Among the 6,655 individuals receiving state aid surveyed, key issues identified included inadequate income, strained domestic relationships, and instances of violence.

In April and May combined, a total of 410 violence victims were recorded, with 281 cases categorized as domestic violence. Varawut noted that among the victims were 302 females, 108 males, and 223 children. He emphasized that violence against children and the elderly primarily occurred within the family unit, often involving physical assault.

Highlighting the growing fragility of family relationships, Varawut stressed the need for proactive measures from the ministry to address domestic violence, as reported by the Bangkok Post.

In parallel efforts, the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRC) sounded an urgent call for gender equality amid alarming statistics. Chairperson Pornprapai Ganjanarintr revealed that seven women fall victim to sexual assault and abuse daily in Thailand. Ganjanarintr emphasized the pervasive impact of patriarchal structures on society, leading to widespread domestic violence and sexual assault.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident in Pathum Thani, a jealous partner violently attacked his girlfriend with a knife, leaving her severely injured and confined to a rented room. Fortunately, her cries for help prompted neighbors to intervene, ultimately saving her life as she was rushed to the hospital by her son.

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