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US Tourist’s Body Found at Nai Harn Beach at Phuket

The body of James Du Bois, a 48-year-old US tourist, was discovered on Tuesday at Nai Harn Beach after he was swept out to sea while swimming with his family on Sunday.

James Du Bois had been swimming with his wife and son when strong currents pulled them away from the shore. While lifeguards managed to save his wife and child, Du Bois was carried away by the waves and disappeared from view.

The search operation, which began immediately, involved divers, searchers in boats, and drones. However, the efforts were severely hindered by stormy weather and high waves. Despite the challenging conditions, the search continued until Du Bois’s body was found in a rocky area of Nai Harn Beach in Muang District.

The search and rescue efforts were coordinated by local authorities, including Tambon Rawai Municipality. The tragic incident has left the family and the local community deeply saddened.

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