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Thai Mango Sticky Rice Ranked 2nd Best Mango Dish

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has commended the global recognition of Thailand’s mango dishes, particularly Thai Mango Sticky Rice, which secured the 2nd spot on TasteAtlas’ “26 Best Rated Dishes with Mango” list. This achievement highlights the worldwide acclaim for Thai cuisine.

Chai Wacharonke, Government Spokesperson, reported that the Prime Minister is dedicated to promoting Thai food on the international stage.

TasteAtlas, a renowned culinary website featuring rankings and reviews by food critics worldwide, included five Thai mango dishes in their top 26 list. Thai Mango Sticky Rice, a beloved dessert consisting of sweet mango slices with coconut sticky rice, was ranked 2nd. Another dish, Thai Green Mango with Sweet Fish Sauce, made from tart Thai mangoes paired with a sweet and salty fish sauce, ranked 10th.

Additional Thai mango dishes recognized by TasteAtlas included Thai Mango Spicy Salad at 11th, Sweet Fish Sauce at 16th, and Pickled Mango at 23rd. The Prime Minister emphasized the significance of Thai cuisine’s unique flavors, rich ingredients, meticulous preparation, and creativity, which have all contributed to its global recognition.

The Government Spokesperson highlighted that the government has consistently promoted Thai cuisine as part of its soft power strategy. This initiative aims to present both popular and lesser-known dishes to enhance global awareness of Thai food culture.

Numerous officials and representatives, including Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, attended the announcement ceremony, further underlining the national pride and commitment to advancing Thai culinary arts on the world stage.

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