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Thailand Sees Rise in International School Costs for 2024

Parents of students in Thailand’s international schools faced increased educational costs in 2024, spending a total of 2.75 billion baht on learning materials, uniforms, and shoes, according to a recent report. This marks a 1.9% rise from the previous year.

Despite the overall increase in educational spending, expenditures on cram schools and special training saw a slight decline of 0.7%, amounting to 1.49 billion baht. This reduction is attributed to cutbacks in extracurricular activities amid a sluggish economy.

The report also highlighted significant changes in the country’s international schooling landscape. The number of international schools increased by 3.33% this year, bringing the total to 248. This growth includes the opening of eight new schools, driven by heightened competition in the market, particularly in the outer Bangkok metropolitan area. The surge in property sales to affluent customers from CLMV countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam) has boosted demand for international education for their children.

Bangkok remains the epicenter for some of Thailand’s most expensive international schools. The top ten schools by tuition fees include Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, International School Bangkok, and NIST International School Bangkok. Other notable institutions on this list are King’s College School Bangkok and Harrow International School Bangkok.

In the detailed breakdown of attendees, officials and various stakeholders noted the broader economic implications of these educational trends, emphasizing the role of international education in attracting foreign investment and talent to Thailand.

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