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Lisa’s “Rockstar” MV Hits 67 Million Views on YouTube

Lalisa “Lisa” Manobal’s new solo song, “Rockstar,” has amassed an impressive 67.76 million views on YouTube, marking a significant milestone in her career. This release is her first solo endeavor after launching her company, LLOUD, in partnership with Sony Music and RCA Records. Filmed in the bustling Yaowarat area, the music video has sparked immense pride among Thai fans.

Thai photographer Watcharawit Ya-inta, also known as Koon, played a key role in the production of the music video. Sharing behind-the-scenes insights on Facebook, he expressed his pride in serving as the Steadicam and camera operator for the project.

“Behind the scenes of Lisa’s ‘Rockstar’ MV is here. I am proud to have been the Steadicam/camera operator for this work,” Koon wrote. He elaborated on his responsibilities, working under cinematographer Mauro Chiarello. Most shots were captured using a Steadicam with an AR Omega head and a remote head R2 on a crane, while Chiarello oversaw lighting and composition. Koon worked closely with director Henry, contributing creatively to the shot design, making the project a collaborative effort.

The music video employed special techniques, such as the time-slice effect seen from minute 0:55 to 0:58, utilizing a Bullet time camera rig by Pro-Toys. This involved multiple still cameras firing simultaneously to create a dynamic time-slice effect from various angles. Another notable segment from minute 2:00 to 2:14 featured a robot arm motion control operated by Rob Erik Van Gelder, which required multiple takes of Lisa in different positions, later combined to show multiple versions of her in one frame.

Koon highlighted the challenges of filming in the real location of Yaowarat Road, rather than a closed studio. Managing the site and maintaining confidentiality were significant obstacles. To prevent leaks, they used wireless in-ear monitors for Lisa instead of playing the song out loud. For larger scenes involving multiple dancers, a click track was employed to keep time without revealing the actual music, managed by Boy Inca.

The team had just three nights to complete the shoot, with no time for camera rehearsals. Security was stringent to keep Lisa hidden from the public, coordinating to clear vehicles and people during filming periods. The street was not entirely closed all night but traffic was managed around shooting times. The team also adapted to weather changes, switching scenes when it rained.

Koon commended the dancers for their flexibility and quick adaptation to on-the-spot choreography changes. He learned about working with Lisa only upon arriving on set, maintaining the project’s high level of confidentiality. Despite the challenges, he expressed excitement and satisfaction in collaborating with such a professional team.

Koon also expressed immense pride that Lisa chose to film in Thailand, utilizing local resources. He called for more government support for the industry, noting that Thai professionals have skills comparable to Hollywood but lack proper support and benefits like social security from the government, as reported by KhaoSod.

He invited fans to follow his work and behind-the-scenes updates on Instagram. The production also saw attendance from various officials and key figures, highlighting the collaborative effort behind the project.

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