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Aussie meat pie at Conkey’s Bakery- original, decadent, fulfilling

Meat pie is another top well-praised menu from Conkey’s Bakery. Heartily homemade, the recipe ensures freshness and tastiness, served warm on a plate daily. Conkey’s meat pie has a shortcrust pastry filled with slow-cooked chunky pieces of Australian beef and fresh herbs and spices in...

Conkey’s multigrain bread, heart-made recipe inspired by healthy aspirations

A multigrain loaf of bread, one of the signature bakery menus at Conkey’s, is crafted with the true understanding of real wholesomeness. Friendly to diabetic patients, the bread contains low GI and is filled with high-quality grains. Mr. Michael, an Australian founder of Conkey’s Bakery,...

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Conkey’s sausage roll- crusty, meaty, savory

Sausage roll by Conkey’s Bakery serves a savory pastry snack, consisting of sausage pork...


february, 2024

Kaeng Krachan National Park: Diverse Wildlife Along Upper Phetchaburi River Banks

In a recent exploration conducted in February, Kaeng Krachan National Park, under the collaboration...

Thailand Promotes Electric Vehicles with Tax Incentives

The Electric Vehicle Board in Thailand has recently announced a strategic initiative aimed at...

Joint Thai-US Navy Operation Searches Sunken Vessel; Salvage Effort Commences

In a collaborative effort between the Thai and US navies, a joint operation was...

Thailand’s EXAT Unveils 120 Billion Baht Expressway Projects

The Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) is gearing up to unveil an ambitious plan...